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Braided sleeves are commonly used for torsion applications, or products with varying cross section. Common applications are pipes/tubes of various diameters, non-circular pipes/tubes, orthopaedic/prosthetic appliances, sport equipment, structural beams, curved beams & other construction solutions. The sleeve diameter can be varied by compressing or stretching the biaxial braid.

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12k Carbon Fibre Ø 36-100 mm
EUR 10.82

12k Carbon Fibre Ø 36-156 mm
EUR 10.37

24k Carbon Fibre Ø 50-114 mm
EUR 17.90

24k Carbon Fibre Ø 50-200 mm
EUR 17.58

3k Carbon Fibre Ø 12-32 mm
EUR 5.19

3k Carbon Fibre Ø 19-72 mm
EUR 4.71

3k Carbon Fibre Ø 20-44 mm
EUR 5.41

6k Carbon Fibre Ø 23-94 mm
EUR 6.69

6k Carbon Fibre Ø 24-63 mm
EUR 7.28