Burgmann Packings Composites
A Division of the Burgmann Packings Group

With over 100 years of braiding knowledge Burgmann Packings have a proven track record in delivering superior technical solutions to our customers. And now we have developed braided composite materials to match your performance requirements. From feather light Carbon/Epoxy to ultra-resilient thermoplastic based composites we can provide braided preforms or moulded parts tailored to your specific requirements.

What can we do for you today...
  • Using the highly automated and reliable braiding process we can tailor the fibre angles to suit your performance requirement.
  • We can braid over solid cores, foam cores, inflatable cores and removable cores
  • We can braid endless rings or other closed geometries
  • We can support thermoset or thermoplastic based composites

Location & Contact Details
For any questions you might have please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today..

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Braided Composites
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